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Badb Catha

Badb Catha
Large: 168cm h x 94cm w x 46cm d
Small: 81cm h x 43cm w x 28cm d

Badb Catha is the first of three sisters of war, along with sister 2 Macha and sister 3 Morrigan. She is a war goddess who takes the form of a crow, known to create fear and confusion amongst soldiers to move the tide of battle to her favoured side. She would attend battle to foreshadow the extent of the carnage to come, or to predict the death of a notable person, through wailing cries. She links to a female spirit in Irish mythology who heralds the death of a member of one of the prominent Gaelic families. Together the sisters are represented as a trio named "Morrigna". The Morrigan is primarily associated with foretelling doom and death, which is why the bird is usually avoided.



135cm h x 89cm w x 46cm d

The city Smyrna was destroyed by flames by the Mustapha Khemal army, it burnt for almost nine days and was turned to ashes. This sculpture represents the flames and fire that destroyed the city, the power in the fire ending all history. All beauty and memory of this idyllic place perished in a matter of four days. The sculpture portrays this through its soaring flames and fragile structure, representing the corruption of the fire. The prominent delicacy of the piece creates an emotional impact with the viewer beholding the truth behind the battle.



Available in any size

Janus is the God of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, and doorways. The God beholds two faces with separate personalities sharing different transitions. The name Janus comes from the beginning month January which is the month of deep reflection. He looks into the future and the past which makes him more mysterious as he lives in two different time zones. Janus controlled the beginning and end of the war from conflict to peace. Janus is a striking God represented by a double-faced head in art usually symbolized on a roman coin. This ancient myth is suggested through the geometric planes of the sculpture - symbolising the Roman God in abstracted form.


The Shield

The Shield
Available in any size

This Bronze seat sculpture has a highly polished bronze surface that suggests the reflective shields used in ancient combat. Legend has it that the Israelites would position themselves to face far to the east in order to blind the Egyptians view, their polished shields caught the rising sun and caused the opposing army to fall into the ravines and to their death. The shield was also one of the most striking pieces of Armour within the Greek Age, a work of art crafted for defence and attack. This bench reflects these shields beauty and purpose, to be admired and respected with equal force.


Preliminary Sketches

Preliminary Sketches

A collection of original preliminary sketches.




Shot on location in Somerset


Adam Williams Sculpture


'My work starts with reading: rare art books, newspaper articles, and hidden archives. I love uncovering obscure or interesting stories and figures from history,' says Adam. The sculptures evolve from sketches to maquettes before a mould is taken and the final piece is produced. The bronze surface of the sculpture is then patinated by hand, using a mix of chemicals, to produce lustrous tones of golds, greens or browns. 'Patination delineates every sinew and muscle of a piece, revealing the depth of the sculpture and really bringing it to life,' he explains.
Born in to an artistic household in Somerset, Adam remembers a childhood spent over poring over art books filled with the work of Henry Moore, Lyn Chadwick or Barbara Hepworth. There were trips to bohemian friends, where he had the chance to admire the sculptures of Elisabeth Frink or paintings by Peter Collins.
Adam's first job, aged 17, was as an apprentice to stonemasons working on the restoration of the West Front of Wells Cathedral. 'Working with these experts taught me so much, about stonework, moulds, casting and, most importantly, creating an eye for detail.' says Adam.
It was an experience which led to the founding of his other business, Adam Williams Designs, designing and making furniture for leading designers and prestigious private clients.
Working alongside interior designers and architects has enabled Adam to understand how different pieces work in contrasting settings, an approach which he brings to his sculptures. 'All my work is made to order and we can scale pieces to suit any setting, be it a grand atrium, a traditional drawing room or a landscape,' he concludes.

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Adam Williams Sculpture Studio


Adam Williams' sculptures are made in his Somerset studio, where a modern glass extension basks in views of Glastonbury Tor.

Please contact our studio if you have any questions, or would like a quotation, or require any special commission work.

+ 44 (0) 1749 830 505

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Adam Williams Sculpture Client List

One Hyde Park

Client List

Wimbledon Tennis Club Soho club, Mayfair
Marriott Hotel, Mayfair The Gleneagles Hotel
Chatsworth House Claridges
One Hyde Park Longleat House
Goodwood House Louis Vuitton
Christian Dior Hotel Europefki, Poland
Connaught Hotel Decorelle, Qatar
Bocca Beach Club The Heron Group
Linley Belgravia The Hanover Estates
Hanson Group Four seasons
Trianon Palace Hotel Grand Hotel Alpina
Limewood Park Hoares Bank
Various Superyachts  


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